Join a passionate team!

We are passionate about delivering innovative products that make the difference to our customers. Here are some of the elements that make us who we are and an awesome team to work with.

Culture first

Our culture is our most valuable commodity. Performing SCRUM, following the Happiness Metric, always thriving to become a better team are cornerstones of our wholesome environment that puts our employees mental and physical fitness first.

Keep growing & keep learning

Unlock your fullest potential. Get reimbursed for taking courses and attending conferences. Never stop learning!

Research affinity

We are built upon, driven by, and do hands on research. Publish findings from within Semalytix or take part in research competitions. We also support PhD programs, master or bachelor theses.

Take part in the future

You keep reading about amazing AI break-throughs? Stop reading, be part of what is being written about. Shaping the bleeding-edge of innovation is our comfort zone.

Work and travel

Feeling the itch? Don’t wait “until the job is done”, travel while you work with us, make yourself happy. We offer to arrange co-working spaces around the globe.

Build your own command center

Make your workplace into your optimal nucleus of productivity. Customise and arrange your rig as you always wanted.

Current Job Openings

Junior Product Manager

Location: Bielefeld

Employment: Full-time

As product manager you are the CEO of the product you are helping develop. You will be charged with supervising development efforts from a management perspective, create marketing materials for the product, and interact with our clients as often as possible.

You will need to be tech savvy, bring a hunger for building amazing tools and not only embrace but embody the culture that we are building.

Data Ingestion Developer

Location: Bielefeld

Employment: Full-time

We are constantly investigating sources that complement our knowledge graph and generate value for our AI, tools, and ultimately our clients.

As Data Ingestion Developer you will be tasked with exploring new data sources, creating web-crawlers, accessing various APIs, or services and fusing links to our existing systems. You will work closely with our AI-teams and help our AI to learn to understand the world.

Junior Public Relations Manager

Location: Bielefeld

Employment: Full-time

Semalytix builds exciting tech every day and we want the world to know about it. Help us create and maintain our public image.

You will join us on our journeys to international Start-Up events, conferences, and happenings. You will help us create the content that we are putting out and you will be the one communicating it.

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